New trailer for Stallone’s Bullet To The Head

Explosions ahoy!

Bullet To The Head has released a new international trailer in which Sly Stallone mumbles, grumbles and punches his way through one-liners and villains alike.

Stallone plays a former mercenary who finds himself lured back into the business when his daughter is kidnapped. He’s a bit like Taken’s Bryan Mills, only angrier and a little less articulate.

Sly pairs up with Sung Kang’s police officer, who’s after the same bad guy who killed his partner. Understandably, much East-West ribaldry ensues.

Check out the new trailer, below…

The addition of a Motorhead seems appropriately judged, while Sly still manages to throw himself about with gusto, despite his increasing years. Okay, so the script sounds utterly woeful, but nobody really watches these for the wordplay, do they?

Directed by Walter Hill and co-starring Jason Momoa, Christian Slater and Sarah Shahi, Bullet To The Head opens in the UK on 1 February 2013.

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