New trailer for This Is 40: watch now

"I can't wait to meet my second wife"

This Is 40, Judd Apatow's "sort of sequel" to Knocked Up, has released a new trailer stuffed full of bittersweet relationship chuckles as Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann find themselves stuck in a mid-life rut.

Reprising the characters of Pete and Debbie as they approach 40 years of age, the new film explores some of the fault-lines in the pair's marriage that were hinted at in Knocked Up. In a nutshell, he's still kicking for his own space, and she's still struggling with the onset of middle age!

While there are plenty of laughs to be had in this new trailer, this one definitely looks to fall into the "dramedy" category, with Apatow looking to tug on the heartstrings wherever possible. We suspect we're going to find ourselves rooting for them to get over their wobble, just as we did with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement!

Take a look at the new trailer, below…


We particularly like the inclusion of Albert Brooks as Rudd's favour-currying father, while Chris O'Dowd is also set to consolidate his Hollywood status as one of Rudd's feckless buddies. Plus, there's the ever-enjoyable sight of Melissa McCarthy ad-libbing for all she's worth…

Co-starring Megan Fox, Jason Segel and Charlene Yi, This Is 40 opens in the UK on 14 February 2013. The Apatow bandwagon shows no sign of overturning just yet…

What do you think of the new trailer? Tell us, below!


    • Heisenberg

      Aug 8th 2012, 8:33

      Hmmm, i like Paul Rudd, but i dislike Leslie Mann (it's her voice, it grates me), but i'll give it a go on dvd i'm sure.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 8th 2012, 17:43

      Judd Apatow continues his downslope.

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    • bencobra

      Aug 8th 2012, 22:49

      Good to see Apatow giving his family work. @Ali1748 definitely continuing the downslope. To be honest all the comedy stars who broke out from Apatow's films are starting to get tiresome

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    • thedanieljson

      Aug 9th 2012, 0:01

      I think this could be pretty good. Possibly sad. I'd like to see Apatow tackle serious issues like this more. His comedies have always had an edge of tragedy, and this seems to be further into that catergory than ever.

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