New TV spot for The Grey

Liam Neeson takes on nature

A new TV spot has been released for Joe Carnahan’s survival movie The Grey, in which Liam Neeson contends with a plane crash, lots of snow and some very toothy wolves.

The new spot features a raft of Twitter reactions from fans, most of which go along the lines of “OMG, Liam Neeson is a f**king badass!” And to be fair to them, the footage on display here would appear to bear that out.

In terms of exposition, we pretty much know what we’re dealing with here (plane crashes in the frozen wastes of Alaska; oil-drilling team attempt to survive against the odds) which allows the trailer to plough straight into the action.

And what action it is, with Neeson baring his teeth and going head to head with a pack of angry wolves. We don’t think we’ve seen anything more kick-ass this year, than the snarling Irishman running full-pelt at one of the startled looking predators!

Take a look at the new spot here…

The Grey
is released in the UK on 27 January 2012. Mother Nature had better watch out… Liam Neeson is coming to give her a bloody nose!

Who would you back in a scrap? A pack of hungry wolves, or a furious Liam Neeson? Tell us, below.

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