New Underworld: Awakening images arrive

Kate Beckinsale gets suited and booted

A new set of images have been released for supernatural sequel Underworld: Awakening, and fans will be pleased to note that Kate Beckinsale still rocks a leather catsuit like nobody else…

The new images show Beckinsale’s vampire warrior Selene getting to grips with her first taste of freedom, after a long stint in captivity. And from the looks of the trouble she seems to have got herself into, it seems to be a textbook case of out of the frying pan, into the fire.

One image stands out in particular, with a flamethrower-wielding assailant advancing on Selene. The vampire race has been uncovered by humans you see, and mankind isn’t proving particularly tolerant of their newly discovered neighbours.

There’s also a look at Theo James’ rabble-rousing vampire, David, who looks to be a dab hand with a pitchfork and a flaming torch. He’ll be leading the charge of a sect of radical vamps, unwilling to take man’s animosity lying down.

It’s all about the catsuit though really, isn’t it? We’ll get a chance to see it in all its glory when Underworld: Awakening rolls into UK screens on 20 January 2012.


Ready for another round of vamps and werewolves? Or has Twilight exhausted that particular genre? Thoughts below, please.


    • Hadouken76

      Dec 28th 2011, 13:29

      ' Underworld: Nodding off ' would of been more appropriate. Just replace it with pictures of Black Widow and no-one would notice...(Black Widow is just as sh*t).

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      Dec 28th 2011, 17:32

      Excellent, didnt think much of the last installment, glad this looks better, Kate rocks in black :)

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