New video of Dark Knight Rises vehicle

Spoilers galore as truck brings it to Pittsburgh set

Thanks to new video footage and images posted online it's now clear that Batman's latest ride in The Dark Knight Rises movie is definitely some kind of flying machine. 
Looking a little like the dropship from Aliens, the airborne vehicle clearly has a cockpit and wings and looks set to soar over Gotham in Christopher Nolan's new movie. 
The above image comes from TheDailyBlam!
The 'Batcopter' - as it's been described online - rolled onto the streets of Pittsburgh under cover, but was soon spotted without those protective sheets. 
Check out the video below... 

Has Christopher Nolan still got a few tricks up his sleeve, given the amount of footage leaking online? Will they CGI the hell out of this thing to make these shots a poor comparison to the end product? Let us know below!  

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