New viral site for The Amazing Spider-Man

Did you spot the mark of the Spider-Man?

If you’re anything like us, you will have spent much of yesterday grinning like an idiot over the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. However, amid your excitement over Peter Parker’s new adventure, did you notice the hidden message at the end of the teaser?

If you take another look at the trailer below, you’ll see a very faint message written on one of the metallic bars when the film’s release date is shown. It’s somewhere around the 2:28 mark, in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

See if you can spot it, below…

The words read “Mark of the Spider-Man.” Nothing very exciting about that, you might think, except when you add .com on the end, you get redirected to this brand new viral site.

Now, at the moment there’s nothing on the site except a sextet of screens showing static interference, and Spidey’s aforementioned symbol. However, we’d wager that some footage is going to make itself apparent on those screens sooner rather than later.

Keep checking the site over the coming weeks and let us know as and when you spot things. The Amazing Spider-Man will open in the UK on 4 July 2012.

What do you think the new viral site will reveal? Share your theories, below.


    • omgitsgray

      Feb 8th 2012, 13:30

      This is really interesting... I wonder what will happen... Anyway, if you look through the source code of the site, you'll see some Javascript which is odd on a page with just 6 gifs and a png. It looks as though, on that very front page, there will eventually be a countdown timer. What for, or when it will be available to view, we cannot know, but it's there. And it'll count down to something... Keep peepers peeled.

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    • omgitsgray

      Feb 8th 2012, 13:36

      Also, the alt-text of the .gif is 'Mark of The Spider-Man' where the page title is 'Mark of the Spider-Man' ...Difference in capital letters on the 'The' ... sloppy website making.. or a clue to the film... OR A CLUE TO WHO DID WTC?!

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    • omgitsgray

      Feb 14th 2012, 14:48


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