New X-Men: Days of Future Past image reveals Magneto's new suit

Fassbender's young-Mags gets armoured

A new image from X-Men: Days of Future Past has revealed our first proper peek at Magneto's snazzy armoured new suit.

And it's somewhat of an upgrade from the purple cape and onesie he was rocking in X-Men: First Class.

While the cape's still there, it's much more of a sturdy, armour-plated suit then we've seen previously - and Michael Fassbender looks like he means business.

It's another neat addition to what's looking like an already packed movie, as Bryan Singer brings the multi-award winning, mahoosive casts of both X-Men movie incarnations together for what could be the merry mutants' most epic outing yet.

Check out the image below, let us know what you think in the comments, and then make sure to run through our trailer breakdown for the movie's inaugural mood-setter.


    • X4X5campaign

      Nov 10th 2013, 15:09

      Costume's looking great! Fox is finally getting closer to the comics with each movie, so thats the route. Next sequel will more than likely give us the whole present team wearing the comics costumes, so cant wait for it already

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