Nicolas Cage confirmed for Expendables 3

Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes still on the hit list

Sylvester Stallone is clearly a hard man to say no to, with the ageing action star confirming that Nic Cage has signed on to star in The Expendables 3.

Stallone revealed that Cage will join his already star-studded lineup of grizzled bruisers, with several more big names still on his wish list.

“We are preparing the film with the same passion and commitment as the previous two,” said Stallone. “We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a intellectual veneer to the group.

“Hopefully we can [convince] Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and Mickey Rourke.” He continued. “That is the producer’s mission.”

And when Sly Stallone gives you a mission, you damn well accept it. We broke the news of Cage's involvement when we spoke to producer Avi Lerner earlier this year. Seems like Clint Eastwood's is the only name to have dropped off the wishlist.

No release date has been confirmed as yet, but we’re sure Sly will be speaking out as soon as he has it nailed down…

Who else would you like to see join Sly's gang? Tell us, below!


    • CaptainCrazy

      Nov 6th 2012, 9:11

      Oh, Mr Cage - you poor b*****d.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 6th 2012, 10:02

      Well its not like he is disgracing himself. (that shipped looong ago).

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 6th 2012, 10:02

      *ship sailed

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    • tejindersingh

      Nov 6th 2012, 10:17

      jackie chan .........

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    • SiMan

      Nov 6th 2012, 14:08

      you know what, i hope he does get the others too. It's obviously no Shakespeare, but the whole point of the first one was about getting a cast of this sort together. Not every film an actor is in has to be a masterpiece. As long as they enjoy their time making the film, why shouldn't they do a project like this?

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    • danielbrown

      Nov 6th 2012, 14:15

      Denzel Washington!

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    • Frankie88

      Nov 6th 2012, 15:12

      The Expendables would benefit from the existense of Castor Troy-esque villian - no though nut for the team of tough nutcrackers to crack

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    • topabbott

      Nov 6th 2012, 15:36

      Has the issue of Carl Weathers been addressed somewhere?! Where is Apollo!?

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    • alexr

      Nov 6th 2012, 15:52

      Bill Duke and Jesse Ventura?

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    • jerricktlk

      Nov 6th 2012, 16:04

      Take Jackie Chan!! Funny and great martial art.. =) Or mayb Chow Yong Fatt too..

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    • jerricktlk

      Nov 6th 2012, 16:10

      John travolta! =)

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 6th 2012, 16:42

      All I want to know when is Nic going to shave off his ridiculous hair and accept baldness like Bruce Willis did years ago ?

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    • Desperation

      Nov 6th 2012, 17:20

      Tony Jaa.

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    • ThrashGordon

      Nov 6th 2012, 19:01

      I really hope he's a crazy bad guy. Either him or someone like Tom Cruise, would be epic! And I don't know why they won't get someone like Til Schweiger involved!

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