Nicole Kidman set to join The Paperboy

The latest drama from Precious director Lee Daniels

Rumours are flying that Nicole Kidman has signed up to join The Paperboy, a drama written and directed by Lee Daniels (Precious).

If Kidman does come aboard, she will be joining Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey, who are already confirmed as part of the cast.

The plot of The Paperboy revolves around a journalist investigating a case involving an inmate on death row.

If Nicole Kidman takes the part she will be replacing Sofia Vergara, who was set to play the role of a woman who writes letters to inmates, before scheduling conflicts got in the way.

The Paperboy
is due for release next year.

Would you be excited to see Kidman alongside Efron and McConaughey? Keen to see what Precious director Daniels will do next? Tell us what you think!


    • Aberskene

      Jun 29th 2011, 20:28

      Must...refrain...from...leaving..Paperboy video game...joke!

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