Night At The Museum 2 wins the US box office

Terminator Salvation makes do with second place

In the end, it seems it was the kids what won it – Night At The Museum 2’s family-friendly appeal bested the PG-13 Terminator reboot to take $70 million at Memorial Day weekend offices across the pond.

While Salvation tried to get a jump on Stiller with Thursday night screenings, it could only must $67 million, which is less than Terminator 3 made over five days.

Does this mean McG will get to make his sequels? We’ll have to find out A) how it does overseas and B) whether studio bean counters will think it’s worthwhile.

In third place, Star Trek continued to power through, warping towards $200 million in the States by adding $29 million this weekend, while in fourth, Angels & Demons’ mixed word of mouth got the better off it, with the movie dropping 40% to take $27 million.

Fifth place went to the new arrival from the Wayans comedy factory, Dance Flick, with that nabbing $13 million. Have they run out of steam? We can but hope…

Here, then, your top 10 for the Memorial Day Weekend…

  1. Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian ($70million)
  2. Terminator Salvation ($67 million)
  3. Star Trek ($29 million)
  4. Angels & Demons ($27 million)
  5. Dance Flick ($13 million)
  6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($10 million)
  7. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past ($4.8 million)
  8. Obsessed ($2.5 million)
  9. Monsters Vs Aliens ($1.9 million)
  10. 17 Again ($1.2 million)

[Data source: Box Office Mojo]


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