Noomi Rapace boards Last Voyage Of Demeter

Teams with Ben Kinglsey on horror thriller

Last Voyage Of Demeter

Noomi Rapace has had a handful of projects chucked in her direction ever since she headed off to the States, but reports are now coming in that she has joined Dracula-inspired boat horror The Last Voyage Of Demeter.

Based on a chapter out of Bram Stoker’s classic tome, the film follows the titular ship which transported Dracula’s coffin from Transylvania to England, and ran aground in Whitby after a savage storm.

Rapace will reportedly play a stowaway on the ship, while Ben Kingsley will also have a role. Another lead part is currently searching for an actor.

Directed by The Counterfeiters’ Stefan Ruzowitzky, Demeter certainly sounds like a fascinating prospect – especially if it sticks to the original story, which saw the ship being discovered with no soul alive onboard.

For Rapace, who’s got a role in Sherlock Holmes 2, and is in discussions regarding Hansel And Gretel, Mission: Impossible IV and the Alien prequels, world domination is just around the corner.

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