Noomi Rapace interested in Alien prequels?

Has met with Ridley Scott to discuss role


Ridley Scott seems to be meeting every actress in town regarding his upcoming Alien prequels – including Swedish sensation Noomi Rapace.

The actress, who hit the big time with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and its sequels, has recently landed the lead female role in Sherlock Holmes 2, and is being courted for Hansel And Gretel alongside Jeremy Renner.

Now, Deadline report that Rapace has met with Scott to discuss his two 3D Alien prequels, and “left a strong impression” on the Brit director.

Of course, Scott has also met with Brit girl of the moment Carey Mulligan, currently appearing in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and Gemma Arterton has mentioned she will be having a chat with the director as well.

In lieu of Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, who won't be appearing in the prequels, Scott clearly needs to find himself a tough, ET-bashing heroine for our times – and who better than the girl with the dragon tattoo?

Is Rapace a good choice to battle the xenomorph? Tell us below...

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