Norrington makes The Lost Patrol

Follows Crow with another supernatural thriller...


Stephen Norrington, director of the first (and best) Blade, is currently casting his remake of The Crow.

But that hasn’t stopped him signing on to direct The Lost Patrol, a dark supernatural thriller scripted by newbie Andrew Hilton.

Set during the time of World War II, the story hits all the right “geek-buttons” according to Norrington, who describes the film as containing a variety of “hardware, heroes, grime, [and] insane monsters”.

No plot or cast details beyond that, but expect Norrington to hot foot it over to Patrol as soon as he finishes up work on The Crow.

Like the sound of this? Or still sore after League of Extraordinary Gentleman? Comments below...


    • maninacan

      Jan 13th 2010, 13:02

      i thought league was ok sounds good

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    • WillShelmerdine

      Jan 13th 2010, 13:14

      Sounds like Wolfenstein to me, but fair do's, might be fun. I watched Robocop again the other day and realised that it and The Crow are basically the same film. Is the Robocop re-make still going ahead?

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    • guybrush2304

      Jan 13th 2010, 19:25

      League of extraordinary gentlemen was an abomination,the graphic novels were much better.

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    • kessbd

      Jan 14th 2010, 0:42

      The first Blade the best??? Come on, Guilly's was SO much better than the first, which was notable only for its roof-mounted-fire-extinguisher-spraying-blood rave, which was the most entertainingly preposterous notion in an otherwise tame TV movie-esque trilogy setter. Besides, doesn't Total Film (not-so) secretly wish its surname was del Toro? What gives? I'm now thinking about foodstuffs being spurted out of sprinkler systems, and, yeah, I'd go to a chocolate mousse rave. For sure.

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