Gary Oldman talks The Dark Knight Rises

Character has "quite a bit to do with Tom Hardy"

As shooting for The Dark Knight Rises looms on the horizon, Gary Oldman has dropped a few more tantalising morsels of information.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon in the franchise, enthused that Nolan had definitely "outdone himself" this time round, and made no bones about how impressed he was with the script.

He also went on to state that the film will bring the story "back around" to Batman Begins.

However, the most interesting nugget of info came when asked about Tom Hardy's villan, Bane, who Oldman alluded to sharing quite a close relationship with: "I have quite a bit to do with Tom in this one....He's going to be fantastic".

Sounds like Bane will definitely be keeping Gotham's police department occupied.

Although when pressed on what the ending might hold, Oldman confessed that Nolan refused to put that part into print:

"The script, you read in the production office, and there's no ending either because he tells you the ending so it doesn't's very tight security."

Not surprising, given the auteur's tendancy for keeping things close to the chest.

We imagine any ending spoilers are resting several levels down in Nolan's dreams for the time being.

What are your hopes for the third Batman installment? Still pleased with the choice of villains? Let us know below...


    • Jeffbiscuits

      Mar 28th 2011, 19:12

      At first I hoped The Dark Knight Rises would use the Knightfall story as a basis but I'm beginning to think that Nolan would come up with a more interesting original plot. The Dark Knight and Batman Begins proved how adept he is at giving a fresh perspective to very established characters. The new Batman universe is entirely his and the final part of his trilogy could be better than the last.

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    • matty2392

      Mar 28th 2011, 21:40

      After this is released and most probably breaks some records and in my opinion will be the greatest trilogy ever, I feel sorry for the director and actors they lump this on in about 7 years to re-boot the franchise.

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    • TheDRQ

      Mar 29th 2011, 9:00

      Too true matty2392, I have thought about the impending next Batman series and how it will more than likely be slammed as "total c**p" only becase the internet fanboys will be more than ready to rip it a new one. Personally, I'll be happy to see any incarnation of Batman that follows this one as long as it is not as bad as Joel Schumacher's interpretation. My advice would simply be to not make the next installment(s) anything like Burton's, Nolan's or (of course) Schumacher's and Just try a fresh approach. -- As for "Rises" I am intrigued to see Nolan's version of Bane since he is a very "Sci-Fi" based character to be in Nolan's somewhat "Realistic" world

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    • ThrashGordon

      Mar 29th 2011, 12:25

      ''...bring the story 'back around' to Batman Begins.'' Ya know, to make this fully happen.... you're gonna have to bring back a certain... hmm I don't know.... LIAM NEESON!!!! :)

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    • SiMan

      Mar 29th 2011, 13:45

      ThrashGordon....or bring in Talia Al Ghul, who would be Liam Neeson's daughter. In Begins, he metions having a wife once before so him having a daughter following his lead into running the league of shadows seems logical. As to the ending of the film, i do hope he doesn't kill off the Bat (i know the studio would never allow it), but that just seems like a possiblilty for Nolan to do. Just some of his comments about 'tying off' the story he's made before lead me to think that.

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Mar 29th 2011, 14:25

      @matty2392 - Nothing will top the original Star Wars trilogy in terms of pop culture influence and inspiration to generation after generation of children, even with the Ewoks (who are awesome if you're little when you first see Jedi). Lord Of The Rings comes in second. Unless Nolan suffers some sort of mental breakdown, I concede that this will be the best complete superhero trilogy without a doubt. Mainly because there have only ever been two good superhero films in a row in any given comic book franchise to date (X-Men, Superman, Batman, Blade, Spider-Man, etc.) unless I'm forgetting something...

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 29th 2011, 16:55

      No dalidab, we do not need a version of Nightwing.

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