Oliver Stone talks Wall Street 2

Charlie Sheen will make a cameo

With shooting set to start this week, Oliver Stone has been talking about Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, including confirming Josh Brolin's part in the film and revealing a heretofore undisclosed cameo.

Yes, Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox (below) may well make a cameo, according to the director, which will provide a handy link - alongside the obvious Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko - to the original film.

Brolin, meanwhile, is locked in as the movie's villain, a man named Bretton James, who heads a fictional investment bank.

And the plot about Shia LaBeouf's young banker looking to get some guidance from Gordon? Looks like it's still on after some re-writes: ""We sort of started over with the story of a young man who is at the center of it, and how he needs Gordon Gekko's help to navigate those waters."

The film will see Gekko freshly released from prison for his crimes in the 1987 pic, and ready to grasp a second chance.

Can it become as iconic as the original? Only time will tell…

[Source: New York Times]

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    • alkamal

      Sep 17th 2009, 5:54

      A classic which seriously does not need a sequel, even if it is the original director (I feel Stone has lost the plot a bit anyway.)

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