Oliver Stone will direct Wall Street 2

Shia LaBeouf might star…

Money may currently be more elusive than a unicorn wearing an invisibility cloak, but that hasn’t stopped Oliver Stone from deciding to follow up his ‘80s greed flick Wall Street.

You can bet that it’ll centre around the current credit crunch / recession / cashpocalpyse and that it’ll contain approximately twenty-three shots of brokers with their heads in their hands.

The film will feature a Gordon Gecko reprise from Michael Douglas and a starring role for Shia LaBeouf if he decides to sign on as a young broker trying to cope with the economic meltdown.

[Source: FirstShowing]


    • reeblite

      May 1st 2009, 8:36

      stone should direct it, he owns this story, losely based on this dad, huge fan of first one, having worked in the industry back in the eighties and ninties, this story rocked, we had a client just like Gecko, no lie. hope james spader gets a role also.

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