Olivia Wilde keen for Tron 3

“There’s a whole other chapter ahead”

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy had a decent opening at the box office this weekend, and one person who’s definitely keen to continue the franchise is Olivia Wilde.

After paying Quorra in Legacy, the actress has spoken out about the possibility of another instalment in the series. Spoilers below for those who’ve not seen the film yet.

“I'm so thrilled to play with Quorra in the human world,” she tells MTV. “It would be sort of like Splash. I want to see her whispering to laptops and hugging toasters. There's a whole other chapter ahead.”

She also added that a third Tron could expand Cillain Murphy’s role after his brief appearance in Legacy.

“Cillian Murphy, we were so lucky to have in this film. His part in Tron: Legacy is so mysterious and cool.

“His role really fits into the mythology of Tron, the corrupt environment of Encom. It just shows you that this fight is far from over.”

A script for a third Tron is already being written, though Disney have yet to give the film a green light.

Do you want a third Tron? Or should the franchise end with Legacy? Drop us your comments below...


    • davidleach2000

      Dec 21st 2010, 11:10

      Hmm, no. First Tron, massively disappointing when first seen, apart from the computer effects. Time has not been kind to it and apart from an superb soundtrack Tron Legacy was a sadly flat and uninteresting experience. What would a third bring to the table?

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Dec 21st 2010, 12:49

      I really enjoyed TL (except the baggy mid section with all the existential chit chat) Id welcome a 3rd film and more Cillian can only be a good thing

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    • si1foo

      Dec 22nd 2010, 5:15

      personally i think there should be a tron 3 and there is more then just the Cillain Murphy side that has yet to be explained tron didn't die if you notice it seems his programing reverted as in when you saw him in the water you see his orange lights go out and white ones come back so that leaves alot of questions also about how quorra can be in the living world has she become humanas in flesh and blood or is she still and program does she have the powers she had from the program or not what happens to sam do they make the grid accessable for loads of humans many possiblities and only time will tell if they continue with it and if they make it into a huge success personally i liked the film but there are somke plot holes and there are some place holes aswell as in you seem them jumping from place to place with vary little of inbetween which makes it fast paced as hell but also leaves the user thinking they just want to get to the next action scene as soon as possible and dont care about the story it seems that they took the film were it was full lengthed and then chopped it with a butchers knife till it was alot shorter they could even make a 4th film if they play the cards right

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