Olivia Wilde talks Cowboys & Aliens

Exclusive: “She’s not just the love interest”

Olivia Wilde has spoken exclusively to Total Film about her role in this summer’s Cowboys & Aliens.

When we met up with the actress to chat about the sci-fi western genre mash-up, she was keen to talk up the action side of the role.

“The stunt co-ordinator said, ‘I’ve never pulled an actor off a moving horse. Do you want to do it?’ Stunt guys always get to know me very quickly because I love stunts and they said, ‘If anyone can do it, Olivia can…’”

Cowboys… marked an opportunity for Wilde to work with Bond star Daniel Craig after missing out on Casino Royale: “I screen-tested for that and I wanted it so badly.

“But now I’m happy it didn’t work out because we wouldn’t have been able to do this, and I think he agreed that this was a better pairing for us.”

It seems that working with Craig turned out to be pretty inspirational: “Daniel Craig taught me a lot. He taught me about stillness and silence… he does very little and it’s very impressive.”

So, what about her character, Ella, then? “She’s not just the love interest. She’s not simply sultry. She has a lot in common with Jake and she’s watching him very closely, because any clues he can give her as to where he’s been will help her on her journey.

“She’s been hiding in the town. She wants to fade into the shadows and only comes out when Jake arrives.”

Cowboys & Aliens opens on 19 August 2011.

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    • KingofSpain

      Jul 5th 2011, 14:48

      She could be my love interest any day of the week

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 5th 2011, 19:40

      I read that Olivia had to dance naked infront of many wild Indians, I so wish I could have been on set that day.

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