Original Hobbits returning for Rings prequels?

Dominic Monaghan: "They really want us to come back”

In what we can only describe a bizarre turn of events, Dominic “Merry” Monaghan has said that the team developing The Hobbit want the original band to return for the prequels.

"They really want us to come back, and I think there's a really strong chance that we might be back," he told MTV.

"We're not in 'The Hobbit,' no, but I think the idea in [Jackson's, Del Toro's and the other producers'] heads is that the trilogy of the 'Lord of the Rings' films was so beloved by the fans that they're really keen to try to say thank you for the support that they gave to the 'Lord of the Rings' movies and possibly bring back some of those characters that they know and love.”

‘The fans will be charmed’

News surrounding the proposed prequels has been so far sketchy. We’re working under the assumption that Del Toro has dismissed the idea of a ‘bridging movie’ and are basing the two films solely on The Hobbit.

If that's true, then we can’t see how Pippin, Merry and the rest could possibly have a place in the story. Still, if anyone should know if Monaghan is in talks to come back, it should be Monaghan.

[Source: MTV via The Hobbit Movie]



    • Motley

      Jan 24th 2009, 22:06

      T'would be great to see them again for sure! But what I really want to know is who will be playing Bilbo? Not Ian Holm surely? Although it's a shame he can't play a younger hobbit. I still think it's a shame that the Hobbit wasn't made first.

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    • maypop

      Feb 2nd 2009, 12:32

      only way I can see them bringing in the LOTR's hobbits is to have Ian Holm do a narration bit at the beginning as if the movie is Bilbo telling the story to Frodo and Co.

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    • AntoniusBlock

      Feb 13th 2009, 10:13

      How can the second film not be a 'bridge'? Is it possible for Strider to be in this if its not a bridge? Just read an article, Strider is in it. If there is no bridge, what is the point of breaking the Hobbit into two films, that makes no sense at all whatsoever.

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    • AntoniusBlock

      Feb 13th 2009, 10:19

      Ah ok, read an old GDT interview, and he doesn't want to characterize it as a 'bridge' or just 'filler' but an integral part of the story, but it does take place after the Hobbit, which will be the entire first film. I like that attitude, and there is some cool stuff in that 'second chapter'.

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