Orland Bloom could return to Middle Earth for The Hobbit

Legolas back in the picture?

The Hobbit

Orlando Bloom is set to follow fellow LOTR returnee Cate Blanchett back to Middle Earth for an appearance in The Hobbit.

After news broke yesterday that Blanchett will reprise her role of Galadriel for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit double bill, Bloom is apparently also in talks to return as fighter elf Legolas.

Neither characters appear in J.R.R Tolkien’s original novel, though Legolas’ father does. Both have apparently been written into the script by Jackson, no doubt to help link his earlier trilogy with The Hobbit.

Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis have already shown an interest in returning, though Deadline report that their deals “aren’t completed yet”, while Hugo Weaving should also be expected to appear as Elrond.

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    • Desperation

      Dec 10th 2010, 17:00

      Somewhat inevitable, really. I fully expected a quick cameo when Bilbo, Thorin et al are in the elven halls in mirkwood. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if Gimli turns up at the battle of five armies or something.

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Dec 10th 2010, 21:14

      I doubt Gimli will make an appearance, John Rhys-Davies swore you'd never get him into the make up again due to the allergic reaction he had to it in the LOTR films... that and chronologically he's too young.

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