Orlando Bloom to star in adaptation of Zulu

He'll be taking on the role of a police officer in Cape Town.

Orlando Bloom has starred in a few duds since leaving the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise (The Three Musketeers anyone?), but he may have a promising new project in the form of Jerome Salle's adaptation of Caryl Férey's novel, Zulu.

Not to be confused with the Michael Caine classic, Zulu is set in post-apartheid South Africa, the story revolves around the Cape Town police department being thrust into the spotlight when an 18-year-old girl is murdered.

The media attention stems from the fact that the victim was the daughter of one of the players from the Championship-winning Springboks rugby team.

Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) is also on board, playing the chief of the homicide branch where Bloom's officer is situated.

The script promises to delve into a murky world of narcotics and gang culture, touching on the lasting effects of apartheid. The project will certainly come as a relief to Salle, who'll look to distance himself from the disastrous remake of his film, Anthony Zimmer that came in the form of The Tourist.

There's no word on a release date yet, but expect it to arrive at some point next year.

Will this be the film to revitalise Orlando Bloom's career? Do you believe the story will translate well on to the big screen? Let us know.


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