Orson Welles narrates Christmas Tails

Uses voice from beyond the grave...


Remember how Bryan Singer restored footage of Marlon Brando for his Superman Returns?

Seems he got other filmmakers thinking about making films using voices from the Other Side, as Orson Welles is set to be resurrected for a new flick called Christmas Tails.

The legendary actor, who died in 1985 and was played recently by Christian McKay in Me And Orson Welles, reportedly narrated a book called Christmas Tails by friend Robert X Leed before his death.

The tapes of that recording have just been found, so Drac Studios are pressing forward and using them as the foundations for a big screen version of the flick.

Christmas Tails follows Santa’s dog, who saves Christmas one year by grouping together a collection of dogs in the North when all of Santa’s reindeer become ill.

The flick will be forged using live-action and CGI, using a script written by Todd Tucker, who directed the similarly canine-centric, soon-to-be-released Monster Mutt.

Expect to see Tails in 3D around Christmas 2011.

Awesome or creepy?

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