Paramount considering Jack Reacher sequel

That’s despite the original falling short of its box office target

Paramount studio heads are reportedly turning over the idea of a sequel to Tom Cruise action vehicle Jack Reacher, despite the film falling short of the studio’s box office target.

Having been met with critical indifference, the film had also performed sluggishly in the US, leading to reports that Paramount was set to cut its losses on the would-be franchise.

However, since then, the film’s global performance (in which Cruise’s star-power has been an undoubted factor) has seen it crawl to $200m worldwide, still $50m short of the studio’s $250 million target, but enough to make it think twice.

With the origin story introductions out of the way, Paramount’s thinking is that a sequel might have a wider appeal than the original, with Cruise’s involvement also likely to preclude an out-and-out bomb.

The project hasn’t been given the green light just yet, but studio bosses are thought to be crunching the numbers on a potential sequel. With a raft of subject material available in the form of Lee Child’s novels, don’t be surprised to see Jack Reacher given a second chance to shine in the not-too-distant future…

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    • karlyoung

      Feb 25th 2013, 12:39

      I would love to see a Jack Reacher sequel, the critics gave it a hard time put it is s a great film that makes MI3 look look a trip to local shop with you mum. Take the film with a pinch of salt, with a great action packed script what's not to like? Every film released cant make billions at the box office. Films like Jack Reacher give us something gritty and different from all the over priced box office hype.

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    • mattburgess

      Feb 25th 2013, 13:18

      Should never have been released at Christmas. I'd love to see the first one, I bet it's a blast.

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    • SargeRM

      Feb 25th 2013, 13:31

      I think its a shame that they're hanging the success of future Jack Reacher films on the fact that they will star Tom Cruise, rather than the fact that they are great stories. It's a catch 22 position because the fans of the books will stay away because of the involvement of Cruise, hindering its performance at the box office. Personally i'd rather they wait a few years and re-cast the role to someone more suitable.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 25th 2013, 19:04

      Loved Jack Reacher and I really hope they continue to adapt the books.

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    • markgilbert

      Feb 25th 2013, 22:47

      Loved the jack reacher books but very disappointed when I heard tom cruise was to be cast as jack reacher. Don't get me wrong I like tom cruise movies but jack is a man mountain and tom isn't... but you know what I really enjoyed the film and can't wait to see which book they pick as a sequel.

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    • davidlasich

      May 7th 2013, 4:59

      I put off seeing the movie as I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but I was pretty impressed with Oblivian so I rented Jack Reaper. Wow I really loved it! Great plot, keeps you guessing, and the little humor they throw in. I sure hope they do a sequel. I'm now looking forward to reading the books!

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    • michaelmorrison

      Jun 14th 2013, 2:26

      I don't get way everyone don't like tom Cruise. not fan i don't like him. O recast the role. His a good Star good at acting. He played this role nice. I don't really see any cold dead movie stars that can play this roll. with out turning it in to something like The game. Luck out. blitz. crank the mechanic. All them acter would pull it away far from the books. I think this is a role Cruise fits nice in. The move was really good. bad time-in on its releasing date that 2 can make or break a movie just as well as a game. like games that are hack and slash really good game well made good game play look nice. but Because they got let out the same week as Devil may cry they did not sell a lot. ninja blade is one of the game. there's others if you look. same gos for movies. But way is every one heating on tom? I look for word to him making a new one. Just not Ven Hellsing. Not that i think he sucks at acting. I just really wont the guy who played in the 1st one the man who need no one to say his name You know him in X man movies. he was the man.. But stop the hate on tom and get a do something nice.

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    • matthewmyers

      Jul 5th 2013, 18:05

      I enjoy the books, which I didn't know of until I rented the movie out of Redbox... Now I would definitely love to see a sequel.

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    • jakesanders

      Aug 13th 2013, 17:25

      Jack Reacher is 6'5" 220+lbs. Ugly too. Real Ugly. Tom is neither of these. Can't dress him up, or down. Liam Nelson would do better, maybe Ray Stevenson. Someone bigger at least that you make uglier easier. The story already needs a reboot. It needs a new directer, a younger director willingly to go out into the dirt and cold of the series (books 14, 15), something less political/military and city based. Maybe even Nothing to Lose. Which is where the series is in terms of film. you could even cast Chris Hemsworth as a younger Reacher in The Affair flashback.

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    • jakesanders

      Aug 13th 2013, 17:50

      Post Script. Jack Reacher is big Ugly and in some cases people move out of his way and across street just to avoid him but he is also invisible. He moves across america and eats in diners and goes undetected, analog as he has been referred to in the digital age. If we walked into a diner where he was eating we'd not even pay him the time of day. As big as he is, he blends in. Disappears. Maybe we should cast in this role, a no-name actor. New and up an coming. Maybe look to UFC or to WWF for big guys with a little skill. I just saw Act of Valor that cast real soldiers in the role. Maybe casting Military guys, or ex-military.

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    • davea

      Aug 20th 2013, 5:37

      I really enjoyed the film. I liked the retro feel of a good guy who does the right thing regardless. It had a film noir kind of grittiness that you don't see much of these days, I mean when is the last time that you see the good cop fighting without a gun but rather his brains. I don't care much that Tom doesn't fit the description of the real Jack Reacher. The chemistry between him and the others was really good especially the lady attorney. It would be nice to see them work together again. I'll see the sequel.

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    • varunmanivannan

      Sep 13th 2013, 20:48

      Guy's if you are considering liam neeson to play Jack Reacher he is old , 6'5 220 lbs your best option could be Dolph Lundgren , Sam j Jones (flash gordon) considering the above feature ? come on , Gerard butler would look like a stupid if he plays the role , Hugh Jackman not too subtle , the ex military cop needs to make a style statement and he should have that charm . Tom Cruise is the best option he has the charm , he has got the skills . i would love to watch a sequel of Jack Reacher played by Tom Cruise .

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    • randymundy

      Oct 7th 2013, 22:57

      Rather than a sequel with the laughable Tom Cruise in the roll, a reboot with an actor big and scary enough to fill Jack's shoes is needed. This type of impasse always occurs when know-it-all movie execs think they have a clue about what will sell as opposed to what the fans of a literary work want out of the film. Seldom is a movie as good as the book, either because technology can't is not available, or screenwriters and movie suits think they can make it better. Idiots! Jack from the books is not a pretty boy munchkin. Frankly, I have a hard time with him in just about anything he does, but he is not Jack Reacher by any means. The film would have been okay if they had not tried to sell it as Jack Reacher.

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    • Leechildfan

      Oct 25th 2013, 14:58

      I agree with Jakesanders except for the bit about Jack Reacher being ugly. I've read every book and not one describes him as ugly. He's just really big and unkempt but all the women love him - I thought of Chris Hemsworth too. He'd be my top choice. If you haven't read the books and you don't know about Jack Reacher then the film is excellent but fans won't be able to get past the size issue. Either make Tom Cruise appear bigger than everyone else or find a new Reacher but yes please keep making more of them! I wait for the new Lee Child to come out every year and have the complete first edition collection. They are written to be made into film.

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    • zurismith

      Nov 2nd 2013, 20:48

      There's no doubt Tom Cruise is probably one of the greatest actors in the world but he's just not the right guy for the role. There is probably not a single person in hollywood who fits the whole package of Jack Reacher but there are a few who are "close" enough and that can convince non fans the thrill that Reacher die hard fans experience. One person who is very close is Jim Caviezel from Persons of Interest. His character on Persons of Interest is similar to Jack Reacher - no nonsense, tough and very quick judgement in a life and death situation.

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    • mauricelappin

      Nov 26th 2013, 19:53

      Having read a few of the Jack Reacher novels and totally enjoyed them I bought the DVD from Amazon for a fiver and enjoyed the film. I did think Tom Cruise was an odd choice for the title role but noticed on the opening credits that he is the producer so that explained that. It does take a leap of faith or the imagination to accept Mr Cruise as Jack and does take the edge off the film. As someone else said I would have a preference for someone like Liam Neeson who would be more credible. Still an enjoyable film none the less and I look forward to a sequel

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    • paulhawthorne

      Dec 30th 2013, 13:47

      not everyone has read a jack reacher novel so i can see the point in casting Tom in the lead to make it attractive to the masses. if you were unfamiliar with the books and were to watch one shot then youd be suitably impressed by the acting,action and storyline. a smart choice by the studio which does nothing to detract from the storyline. the studios couldnt give a rats a*s who plays the lead as long as it gets bums on seats. if tom cruise wasnt playing the lead i doubt it would have done half as well, with another lead i think it would have flopped. well worth watching, greatly entertaining.

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