Patrick Stewart to return to the X-Men universe?

Star teases a comeback at Montreal Comic Convention

Having run aground slightly toward the end of the noughties, the X-Men franchise is in rude health once more, with long-awaited sequel The Wolverine finally making its way towards cinemas, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past also in the pipeline.

All this success seems to have piqued the interest of series veteran Patrick Stewart, who suggested he might be in line for a return, when quizzed by a fan at the Montreal Comic Convention.

"I think there is every possibility," he said, when asked whether he might return to the franchise. Confusingly, he then began to list the names of some of his female co-stars ("Halle Berry! Famke Janssen! Rebecca Stamos! Anna Paquin!") before concluding, "Yes, I'll be reprising..."

Where exactly he might fit in remains to be seen, although it has been suggested that there will be a time-travel element in Days Of Future Past, so perhaps he might play an older incarnation of James McAvoy?

Or perhaps he’s just messing with us. In any case, it’s just one more reason to eagerly await the return of the mutants, when X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens in the UK on 18 July 2014.

Would you welcome Stewart's return? Tell us, below!


    • georgeWW

      Sep 27th 2012, 9:06

      please bring back patrick stewart and Ian McKellen

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    • SiMan

      Sep 27th 2012, 12:48

      I just hope we get to see some Sentinel action for real this time. That danger room sequence in the Last stand was a nice little nod to them, but i want a full on smack-down on screen. Wonder if they would consider re-introducing us to the X-characters of the original films as well. As per above comment, could be an interesting way to establish a timeline with that trilogy. They could then easily have the two franchises active at the same time. Just wish they'd tie it in with the Avengers movie universe too...

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 27th 2012, 21:18

      I wonder if they might use Patrick Stewart for Days of Future Past similar to how J.J Abrahms used Spock in Star Trek.

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