Pattinson talks about fourth Twilight pic

Breaking Dawn is developing says Bob

Straight from the Non-Shocker file: Summit Entertainment is busily gearing up for a fourth instalment of the Twilight series.

Those who hate the glitter vamps can tune out now, whereas fans who have yet to devour the book should skip the next bit.

Breaking Dawn focuses on Bella and Edward getting married and her subsequent – difficult- pregnancy (vampires don’t usually have kids, you see).

While followers had been hoping for a fourth film, nothing had been made official until Robert Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter in Cannes that the movie would be going ahead provided the cast can find time in their schedules.

Pattinson was on his way to finish up work in Italy on New Moon, and talked a little about his role, which has been padded from the ‘voice in Bella’s head’ that is mostly Edward’s presence in the second book.

“You're playing a figment in Bella's imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn't translate onscreen as being boring."

No jokes, please…

[Source: THR]

Twilight fans! Happy that Breaking Dawn is getting the film treatment?


    • mattburgess

      May 20th 2009, 12:37

      How about actually making and releasing the next two FIRST, before openly confirming that you're just trying to milk a franchise for as much money as is humanly possible?

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    • pimpernel

      May 20th 2009, 13:34

      LOL, I'll bet they padded it from 'the voice in Bella's head' - no one would actually see it if Pattison wasn't there!! Think of the girly shrieks of disappointment!

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    • durden

      May 20th 2009, 18:17

      omfg!!!ur serious?!?!i was hoping there wouldn't be a third and they're already planning a fourth?!ok,now,i know the teenage loosers who actually like this bought a ticket for the first movie,perhaps one for the second...but how much money can u actually pay to see Robert ' i'm so white i've never been to the beach in my life 'Pattinson?!?!

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    • twilightrocks

      May 28th 2009, 19:26

      i hope they do make eclipse and breaking dawn and durden pimpernel and mattburgess shut the hell up!!

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    • evie88

      Oct 2nd 2009, 11:17

      i just dont get why people waste their energy moaning like little girls about twilight and the other books/films etc.. no one cares if you dont like it! the only time people waste being negative is their own lol i mean how can any one have so much apparent hate for a film?! erm..hello its not real for goodness sake! people should give it a rest and let the people who want to enjoy it enjoy it!

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