Paul Giamatti wants to be a zombie

Exclusive: "A zombie asshole!"

When Total Film sat down with Paul Giamatti to discuss his latest project Ironclad recently, we didn't expect to be discussing blood and zombies.

But Paul decided to take the opportunity to demonstrate how insanely cool he is.

First, he displayed a lust for gore and guts whilst discussing his role as King John in Ironclad: "It was great, I was just chopping people up withan axe, covered with blood. It was a medieval-set. I had a great time on that. It's insanely violent."

Then he dropped an undead bomb shell on us. When asked if there were any other genres he'd like to tackle, he revealed: "I like horror movies. A zombie movie would be great. A zombie-asshole!"

We really hope Ruben Fleischer has Giamatti's number on speed-dial. We'd love to see Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson face off against Paul's 'zombie asshole' in Zombieland 2.

Also, don't forget, The Walking Dead starts on FX tomorrow. We know that's only vaguely relevant to this story, but you really should watch it. It's amazing.

Do you think Paul would make a good zombie? What's your favourite zombie film? Tell us below!


    • gonzoBen

      Nov 4th 2010, 14:32

      Paul would make a good zombie, providing he purchased the necessary parts and assembled it as per the instructions.

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