Persia and Alice Superbowl ads

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The Superbowl has certainly treated us over the past few days with its confection of new movie trailers.

That tradition continued apace over the weekend, as new spots for Mike Newell's Prince Of Persia and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland surfaced.

Neither give much more away in terms of plotting, but both feature some great imagery and a handful of shots that we’ve not seen before.

Among them is a glimpse of Mia Wasikowska’s Alice in a full suit of armour facing off against a fire-breathing dragon.

Meanwhile, Persia still balances on the edge of “could be amazing, could be dire”. If it’s like the first Stephen Sommers Mummy we’ll be happy. If it’s like the second we’ll be devastated.

Anyway, here they are:




Both or neither? Which film's getting your hard-earned cash?

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    • Raybros

      Feb 8th 2010, 19:39

      This is my opinion of the prince of persia movie: stop trying to cash in on video game franchises you money obsessed producers; your whats wrong with film these days with your high budget, CGI, blockbuster vomit. Go donate your money to charity or make a decent film and stop wasting our money and the many hours of our lives watching the rubbish you adapt. All I can say is that Hollywood seems to be interested in making a film about anything rolling money in these days. I bet if I had a pound for everytime this happened, not only would I be rich, they would make a movie out of it.

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    • stephanie221

      Feb 8th 2010, 22:23

      Well said. The plots of video games are tailored to suit fancy CGI and meaningless action sequences - exactly what's all too prevalent in the movies these days. Prince of Persia is a fun game, but I wouldn't pay to watch someone else play it, which is what the movie will probably be like.

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    • bentgaga

      Feb 9th 2010, 3:03

      bored and bored

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