Peter Jackson says he will film Tintin sequel when he finishes The Hobbit

"We have every intention of doing another movie"

It's been almost three years since The Adventures Of Tintin hit our screens, but ever since then, talk has gone fairly quiet on the prospect of a sequel.

With Steven Spielberg having directed the original with Peter Jackson producing, the plan was for the two to swap roles for the sequel. However, Jackson's busy schedule has proved problematic…

"As soon as I’m free of The Hobbit, I’ll be going back into doing Tintin," explains Jackson, who will likely have a few more bits of additional filming to complete on There And Back Again next year.

"It was held up by The Hobbit, but we have every intention of doing another Tintin movie and it’s just waiting on me to be done with these Hobbit movies."

Blistering barnacles! By our calculations, that means we probably won't see a Tintin sequel until 2016 at the earliest. Still, better late than never...

Are you keen to see a Tintin sequel? Tell us, below!


    • ilikescifi

      Dec 12th 2013, 13:58

      i feel like tintin was spielberg and jackson's experimental 3D film project, parts of tintin felt like a theme park ride, which was cool. compare the escape from goblin mountain sequence with the action sequences in tintin. anyays i'm looking forward to a sequel

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 12th 2013, 20:59

      I enjoyed Tintin more than I thought I would.

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