Philip Seymour Hoffman confirmed for Catching Fire

He'll play Plutarch Heavensbee

Catching Fire has added some real clout to its growing ensemble, with Lionsgate confirming that Philip Seymour Hoffman has signed on to play the role of Plutarch Heavensbee.

Despite reporting that Hoffman had been offered the part back in June, we must admit to being a little surprised at this one, particularly given that the actor hasn't been part of a franchise movie since his turn as the villain in Mission: Impossible 3 in 2006.

Still, its a real coup for Lionsgate, who will be thrilled that the casting process is finally up and running. Hoffman's character Heavensbee is the new gamemaker, who fills the position that was rather unceremoniously vacated by Seneca Crane at the end of the first film.

And, as those who've read the books know, [begin minor spoilers] Heavensbee continues to play a pivotal role into the third instalment, Mockingjay [end minor spoilers].

Hoffman joins Jena Malone (as Johanna Mason) among the series' new recruits, with dissolute former champion Finnick Odair the final main role to be cast. That's the one Robert Pattinson was linked to not so long ago…

Catching Fire will be directed by Francis Lawrence and will open in the UK on 22 November 2013, with filming having to be completed in double-quick time in order to allow for Jennifer Lawrence's commitments to the X-Men sequel. No pressure then…

Is Hoffman a good pick for the role? Tell us, below!


    • Kellend11

      Jul 10th 2012, 13:27

      I hope they do not rush this and make it so-so. I also hope that Francis Lawrence doesn't eff this up - the trilogy should have a higher rating to go with the bloodiness of the book, not aimed at teeny boppers.

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