Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 gets a title

On Stranger Tides will dock summer 2011…

The big Disney D23 event is going down in Anaheim, California this weekend, and the news is flowing fast.

The biggest announcement so far has to be confirmation of a subtitle and a date for the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean outing.

And it is? On Stranger Tides. Yes, we know… thrilling?

The most interesting aspect of that new name is its link to Tim Powers' 1987 pirate fantasy, which shares the title. And just happens to feature a character named Jack and the fountain of youth, touted as a likely plot for the new Disney film.

There's still no word on exactly what the final story will contain, but we do know Rob Marshall will be guiding it into cinematic port in summer 2011.

As for other Disney-flavoured news? A likely National Treasure 3, and the new Muppet movie (presumably that being concocted by Jason Segal) is The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever. Nice…

[Source: Cinematical]

Excited by the Pirate news? Tell us, me hearties!


    • Ali1748

      Sep 12th 2009, 5:57

      Lets hope it's as fun as the Curse Of The Black Pearl .

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    • pimpernel

      Sep 12th 2009, 10:54

      My prediction - things just get more ridiculous... Jack Sparrow makes a deal with a mermaid so that his tiny little boat can make it to the Fountain of Youth before one seriously p********f Barbosa can find him. Disney create a warped, pointless love story between Jack and the Mermaid (who turns out to be Ariel). Stopping off at Port Royal or some other random British Colonial port, Jack escapes the Mermaid before she can make him the father of a host of squid babies, immediately commandeering a new vessel, with the help of a young man who looks remarkably like Jack himself... Unfortunately, the ship Jack commandeers had been captained by one Horatio Hornblower, who isn't one to take such impertinence lying down. Hornblower quickly takes up the chase in another British Ship (apparently without needing to consult any of his superiors). Meanwhile Barbosa's ship is catching up fast, aided by the distraught Mermaid. A freak storm (brewed by the Mermaid's lobster-faced father) blows Barbosa and Hornblower's ships far off course. Jack's ship, naturally escapes all difficulties. Hornblower's ship ends up floating, dreadfully damaged, near the shore of an island. Going ashore in order to find timber to repair his ship, fuming at the delay, Hornblower encounters a young(ish) woman who introduces herself as Mrs. Elizabeth Turner. Hornblower is struck and tries to make friends with her son in order to gain her favor. His advances teasingly entertained for a while by Mrs. Turner. Then just when Hornblower thinks he's finally going to get some with this isolated widow, a strange bedraggled man appears in a massive ship/submarine (a fact which Hornblower and the rest seem to take no notice of, despite the fact that submarines don't exist) and claims to be Elizabeth's husband. Elizabeth plays coy for a pointlessly short amount of time, before abruptly and fiercely rejecting Hornblower. Will Turner (aka the new Davy) however, is still a bit p****d (for some reason at Hornblower, rather than his flirtatious wife, and vows to keep a close eye on the unfortunate British sailor. Heartbroken, Hornblower makes all haste to continue his interrupted chase. Just as he sets sail, with that devestating island shrinking further and further into the distance, he discovers Elizabeth's small son stowed away on his ship. The boy persuades him not to turn straight around and Hornblower takes him on as a Cabin Boy, just to get even with his mother. Will Turner Junior gets a rude awakening when his fellow sailors introduce him to the reality of life in the British Navy. Meanwhile, his parents discover his disappearance and prepare to give chase. Barbosa meanwhile has recovered the ground (or water) lost during the storm and is hot on Jack's tail. He has developed some sort of weird semi-worshipful attachment to the Mermaid and has decided to use the powers of the Fountain of Youth to make her human. Unbeknownst to him, the crew of the Black Pearl have been making merry with the Little Mermaid and several squid-boy babies are discovered flopping about on deck. Somehow, both Hornblower and the Turners manage to catch up with Jack and Barbosa. In an unlikely turn Barbosa and Hornblower team up in order to a) escape the wrath of the Turners and b) catch Jack. Everything comes to a head when the four ships reach the Fountain of Youth. There's a massive sea battle, during which Jack's ship continually changes sides, blasting Cannons one way, then the other (which everyone agrees is an amazing feat considering the ship is crewed by only two people). Eventually, with most of the ships destroyed, all the characters compete in a swimming race to reach the Fountain of Youth first (which in all the confusion has become everyone's main aim). Sadly for them, when they reach the cavern containing the Fountain ) through a series of small rooms that bear a remarkable resemblance to the ones from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, they find that Napoleon and the Mermaid's lobster-faced father have beaten them to it. Laughing and talking in a outrageous French accent, Napoleon and lobster-face (who merely makes clicky noises - voiced by Andy Serkis) shoot/pincer everyone to death then build a fantastic little palace for themselves around the Fountain of Youth. The movie ends in utter confusion. The sequel concerns the whole cast (from Movies 1,2 and 3 also - except Callypso obviously) and their attempts to escape worlds-end... And that is what will happen.

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    • fluffychic

      Sep 13th 2009, 11:25

      I love the franchise, but is it definiate that bloom and kneightly will return???

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    • Dalep01

      Sep 13th 2009, 12:38

      Please make it stop. The 1st one was ok at best, the less said about the rest the better. Bloom and knightly can ruin a film by just being in it, the smuggest people on gods green earth. Now take those 2 out and i may just enjoy the movies.

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