Pixar helping to make Dr Strange?

Marvel’s kooky surgeon could get pixelated

Dr Strange

Comic book artist Brendan McCarthy has revealed that CGI giants Pixar could be about to sign on to make a Dr Strange movie.

McCarthy, who was recently commissioned by Marvel Comics to dream up a new spin on the surgeon-turned-mystic, says Pixar could be enlisted to animate a movie version of the comic hero.

Speaking with Bad Librarianship recently, he said:

“Curiously enough, I was over in Hollywood earlier this year mooching about, and I had a meeting at Disney and the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Dr. Strange movie… Now, wouldn’t that be nice.”

Yes, sir, it really would. In lieu of a live-action movie, this sounds like the next best thing. Not only are Pixar world leaders in terms of animated detail and texture (oh, alright, they’re up there with Ghibli), but their emphasis on character and story is something that a comic adap desperately needs.

For those new to Dr Strange, he begins as a vain, arrogant surgeon who is involved in a car accident that damages his hands, forever ending his ability to perform surgery.

Searching for a cure, he meets the mystical Ancient One, who teaches him the ways of magic. Then, when Strange witnesses his mentor being killed by the evil Mordo, he vows to get revenge…

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    • Falamanoo

      Sep 13th 2010, 19:59

      Vincent Price would make a badass Dr Strange, someone get on the blower to Robert Zemeckis and have him mo capped pronto! Live action's definitely the way to go with Strange. There's already an animated pic available and although i was incredibly drunk when i watched it, it didn't seem that bad. Also Mordo's an excellent name for a villain don't you think? I almost wish it was my name.

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