Pixar's Brave gets a new trailer

“If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?”

A new trailer has arrived for Brave, the latest sword-swinging adventure from Pixar, and it looks to be shaping up very nicely indeed.

Brave tells the story of Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), a feisty young princess whose determination to blaze her own trail in life leads to the defiance of an ancient custom and all hell breaking loose in the Kingdom of her parents, King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson).

Distraught at the pain she has caused her family, Merida seeks out a mysterious wise woman (Julie Walters) to help her put things right again. Take a look at the trailer below, and see what you think…

The trailer looks suitably epic, packed with sweeping aerial shots of the rolling hills and brooding landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Meanwhile, there’s a tip-top cast providing the supporting vocals, including Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson and Robbie Coltrane.

It’s nice to see Pixar doing something different subject-wise, and it will be interesting to see how their first attempt at a fairytale measures up to the likes of Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon.

Brave is released in the UK on 17 August 2012.

Does Brave look like another success for Pixar, or have they lost their way with this one? Tell us!


    • writerdave87

      Nov 17th 2011, 8:03

      This. Looks. Epic.

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    • thanerosse

      Nov 17th 2011, 11:07

      It looks absolutely gorgeous and it would be worth a watch just for that alone, but the story doesn't seem nearly as original as we are used to from Pixar. I hope to be proved wrong, but from what I've heard about this film it doesn't seem anything which hasn't been done a million times before...

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 17th 2011, 12:29

      Looks amazing! Cant wait to see what John Ratzenberger turns up as

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    • trist808

      Nov 17th 2011, 12:44

      I bet he's gonna be the voice of the big bear - lol! But will he attempt a Scottish accent???

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    • writerdave87

      Nov 17th 2011, 14:21

      It's really funny on Youtube all the people talking about the guys with 'fake scottish accents'...

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Nov 17th 2011, 17:15

      To me it looks like something Dreamworks would do, not Pixar. I agree with thanerosse in that there is much less originality on display in the trailer. Remember when a new Pixar film was announced? We'd say, "Its about monsters whose job is to collect scares from children to provide power for their city" or "its about the last of a bunch of robots left behind to clean up earth, who falls in love". You'd go, wow Ive never seen that before. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, just not Pixar good. Victims of their own brilliance perhaps?

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    • FBAVitas

      Nov 18th 2011, 17:07

      @RaveyDaveyGravy if I could like your comment I absolutely would ;) couldn't have said it better ;)

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    • thanerosse

      Nov 18th 2011, 18:03

      I agree with @RaveyDaveyGravy as well, I can't help but think back to the last original Pixar film, Up, which was so incredibly inventive in terms of plot the two films since have been a bit of a disappointment to me(yes, including Toy Story 3... I apologise). I don't know if it's just me either, but I get a strong How to Train your Dragon vibe from this trailer as well, and while that was a pretty good film, I don't really want to watch it again sans dragons in Scotland.

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