Preposterous GI Joe trailer online

Explosions! Acid! Insanity!

A new GI Joe trailer has gone online and it’s pure lunatic fun.

Super-suited soldiers leap through the sky with the greatest of ease, cars shoot rockets at ninjas and protective helmets get chucked onto bonces halfway through airplane explosions. Presumably because that’s easier than just wearing one during take off.

You probably have to watch it to understand all the different levels of silly awesomeness that it’s comprised of. And you can do that by glancing downward.

What do you think? Will you be joining GI Joe this summer?


    • mattburgess

      May 1st 2009, 17:02

      Personally, I just can't get excited over something that looks c**p, whether its supposed to be cheesy or not. I'll pass, thanks. What a waste of money.

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    • pimpernel

      May 1st 2009, 18:51

      LOL! Christ, Christopher Eccleston gets himself into some stinkers doesn't he! First 'The Dark is Rising', now this. His pocket must be getting a bit light. And wasn't that Chris Evans?

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    • SCQ47

      May 1st 2009, 18:53

      And the battle cry of "Yo, Joe!" is officially replaced with "Go, Power Rangers!" It amazes me how someone could make a film this awful and still wake up in the morning with a shred of self respect. I hate myself just for watching the trailer!

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    • pimpernel

      May 1st 2009, 18:54

      ok. not chris evans, Channing Tatum. My Bad.

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    • leontheiguana

      May 1st 2009, 23:15

      I used to play with G.I.Joe as a five year old, and came up with better, more logical, more dramatic and more exciting storylines and set pieces than this. s**t, when my Dog ate my old Wild Bill figure, he was making a better story.

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    • CatSchrodinger

      May 2nd 2009, 3:20

      Gosh! Live-action Team America - YAY!! I'm placing bets, someone's dying words are gunna be "tell . . . America . . . I love her!" *flatline* Didn't Frost and Pegg MIME this in an ep of Spaced?

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    • scabo33

      May 3rd 2009, 11:51

      TOTAL FILM! WAKE THE f**k UP!!! its not gona be a summer blockbuster...listen to your readers and just focus on real films! its an embaressment....................

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    • naughts

      May 3rd 2009, 16:26

      WOW That looks f*****g awful!!!

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    • smurf

      May 4th 2009, 4:12

      Pee-uuu? Somehow each new clip makes this look more annoying. Why not just have the villain ride a kangaroo while farting purple glitter. the "Not Another Spoof Movie" guys will be stumped figuring how to out-dumb this.

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