Prometheus credits lead to new viral material

Peter Weyland is back

Prometheus may have been landed for over a week now, but the dust has yet to settle on the film’s viral marketing campaign, with the end credits pointing to a new website containing another video involving the young Peter Weyland.

At the very end of the credits, a Weyland Corp logo can be seen, boasting the tagline, “building better worlds since 10.11.12”. A bit of online digging has resulted in the discovery of a new website,, where a whole host of new viral material can be found.

Chief among the new material is a video featuring Guy Pearce as the young Peter Weyland, who quotes Nietzsche while downing a scotch, saying, “I am a law only for my kind, I am no law for all.” You can check out the new video in full, below...

The quotation is taken from Nietzsche’s book Thus Spake Zarathustra, in which the philosopher deals with ideas concerning the death of God and the Übermensch. Elsewhere on the site, a book can be spotted boasting the legend, “What is Great in Man is That He is a Bridge and Not an End”, another quote from the aforementioned text.

That Nietzsche text is another link to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, as it lent its title to one of the key musical pieces on the soundtrack. And there were nods aplenty to 2001 in Prometheus, weren't there?

What all of this means is anybody’s guess, although there appear to be another four “modules” to be revealed, so we can presumably expect more Prometheus teasers to come. Could this just be an elaborate promo for the DVD release, or are sequels being set up here? We’ll keep you posted either way...

What do you think the new viral is all about? Share your theories, below...

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