Prometheus images appear online

First look at Ridley Scott's new one

The first images of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have arrived online, with Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace and Idris Elba suited-up and ready for action.

Entertainment Weekly has been granted an inside look at the upcoming sci-fi thriller, and some decent-quality scans have made their way online courtesy of Shocktillyoudrop.

The pictures give us a look at Scott’s impressive cast sporting some rather snazzy space suits as they explore a mysterious planet, alongside a giant statue of a human head and what very may well be a variant of the eggs seen in Alien.

Scott recently confirmed that the last section of the film will, “evolve into a pretty good DNA of the Alien one,” supporting the theory that Prometheus is a prequel of sorts. The film arrives in the UK on 1 June 2012.

What do you make of the first images? A worthy succesor to Alien? Let us know, below.


    • Heisenberg

      Nov 23rd 2011, 12:54

      meh. the big face looks like shogun rua.

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    • DanielMcA

      Nov 23rd 2011, 20:48

      There are no 'taches in the future.

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    • deedeedragons

      Nov 24th 2011, 0:32

      Ryan's brother doing his best Tom Hardy impression.

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    • FBGLove

      Nov 24th 2011, 2:25

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    • writerdave87

      Nov 27th 2011, 22:13

      The first pic has Idris Elba in it. And therefore is full of win. Do like the resemblance to the first film in terms of tone and decor though.

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