Public Enemies clip arrives online

Get a look at Bale and Depp in action…

We’ve seen the trailers, but now there’s an actual clip online from Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, and you can watch it below.

Guess what? It features lots of gunplay! Now there’s a surprise!

But it still looks great – Mann’s digi-video shooting style applied to the period looks give it a visceral, you-are-there feel as Tommy guns pop and bullets fly through windows.

We won’t say what happens in the actual footage (beyond, you know, “guns”) in case you’re planning to stay pure before the film arrives on 1 July.

Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think. Excited?


    • BenCh

      Jun 18th 2009, 10:57

      Man oh Mann thats looks tight :)

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    • DrSax

      Jun 18th 2009, 12:02

      I'm being told by droogs at work it should have been shot on film, seeing as it's set in the 30s, in order to give it that stylish authenticity. I disagree with them entirely. I love the way it looks - it's shot as if Mann was actually there with Dillinger filming it hand-held on his HD-Cam. Awesome. Shooting on film certainly has its merits and you can achieve a real 'look' but I think Mann's adoption of digital for this genre is inspired.

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    • magnusbarfod

      Jun 18th 2009, 15:55

      DrSax is spot on with his comments about shooting this on HD rather than film. It's a bold choice, and all I've seen of this film so far makes it look like it's going to pay off in spades. I literally can't wait to see this.

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