Puss In Boots scribe rewriting Furry Friday

A cat-dog body-swap comedy

furry friday

Puss In Boots scriptwriter David H. Steinberg has been drafted in to rewrite a body-swap comedy entitled Furry Friday.

Though it sounds like a sequel to Friends With Benefits, it’s actually more of an unofficial follow-up to Freaky Friday.

A family comedy, the plot revolves around a dog and a cat who through some mystical MacGuffin end up switching bodies. Oh, the hilarity.

Cue scenes in which a cat wants to be taken for a walk on a lead before peeing on lampposts, while a dog stares menacingly into a fishbowl.

New Line bought the original spec script from The Illusionist’s Cathy Schulman and Limitless’ Adam Stone.

Steinberg is currently finishing off his directorial debut, Miss Dial, which we’re told doesn’t involve any hilarious animal body swapping.

Woof? Or meow? What do you make of this odd concept? Drop us your thoughts below...

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