Quantum Of Solace clips go online

Two snippets from the film have arrived

The first clips from Quantum Of Solace are now online.

Those wary of spoilers might want to avoid them, though there’s nothing in this clip that will give anything away. If you’re really insisting on staying pure, don’t read on, and don’t watch.

The new clips both feature Bond talking about Vesper from Casino Royale with Mathis and then with M. They're mostly dialogue, which works better for these small format web moments.

MSN has the clip, while Moviefone has the second.


    • thefilmguru

      Oct 16th 2008, 16:31

      The second one didnt work...but the first one was interesting. I thought it was a decent enough clip but maybe had suggestions of wooden dialogue or trying too hard-ness. Has TF seen Quantum yet?

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