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We've seen it. It's good. Not great, though... Straight from the dodgy wi-fi in the McDonald's outside the cinema, Total Film presents the world exclusive review of Quantum Of Solace.

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    • thefilmguru

      Nov 2nd 2008, 10:46

      You've completely underrated this film its a solid 4*. All your reasoning is off, this is the first time ive strongly disagreed with you TF. Its almost like your punishing it for not being Casino Royale. STOP LOOKING FOR A NEW CASINO ROYALE - CHERISH THE ONE YOU HAVE AND YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS FILM LOOKING FOR QUANTUM OF SOLACE. This is what i did and i came out overwhelmed and satisfyed. Not as good as CR but it did everything it could to stand by it unbelievably well. I admire it so much for doing its own thing. A less ocnfident director would have just been bumming CR the whole film, Marc Forster was a perfect choice.

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