Quentin Tarantino hints at Inglourious Basterds/Django Unchained trilogy

Exclusive: “There is a companion piece quality”

Quentin Tarantino is named Director Of Our Lifetime in the 200th issue of Total Film magazine: a cinematic extravaganza celebrating the last 15 years in movies.

Inside, we talk at length with QT about his incredibly influential career, and during the course of our chat he dropped an intriguing nugget of info surrounding his latest movie, claiming that Django Unchained might be Part 2 of an unofficial trilogy,  which began with Inglourious Basterds.

Taking up a serious expression towards the end of our conversation, he explained: “I don’t know, Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained bespeak a trilogy.

“As different as they are, there is a companion piece quality. There might very well be a third one. I just don’t know what it is yet.”

Django Unchained opens in the UK on 23 January 2013.

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Any genre suggestions for Tarantino's trilogy closer? Or would you rather he just finished the Kill Bill trilogy? Tell us below!


    • Saccharum

      Oct 28th 2012, 11:29

      To be a trilogy, the three films must have some relevant links between them. I don't see any more relevant link in IB and DU than in the other Tarantino's movies.

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    • FBPRyan

      Oct 28th 2012, 12:40

      so you've seen Django Unchained then?

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 28th 2012, 14:59

      They will all feature Christoph Waltz.

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    • billchich82

      Oct 28th 2012, 17:48

      Hey Saccharum was Django Unchained good? Well was it?

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    • joker16

      Oct 28th 2012, 22:49

      Yeah, Saccharum, how was it? Maybe you could post a review.

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    • anant

      Oct 29th 2012, 3:33

      guys give the man a break. what i think he means is that the setting and the timelines of the two movies seem radically different. IB we know was based in Europe during World War II, whereas DU seems to be a story about American slavery. I must confess even i can't see a connection, although i "HAVE NOT" seen DU. But i trust QT, if he says there is a connection there might be, though i don't think the story will have any actual connection, the connection might be the one like the three flavors cornetto trilogy or the blood and ice cream trilogy (meaning that like shaun of the dead and hot fuzz had no actual connection, both were parodies!)

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    • Ludovico

      Oct 29th 2012, 4:09

      anant, the three flavors cornetto movies are one of my all time favorites. big up

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    • TayBroads

      Oct 29th 2012, 12:56

      Saccharum both are kind of, off-centre westerns. QT has said about IB that it's like a western only set nazi occupied France. Whereas DU looks to be a little closer to being a standard western, it's set in the south just before the civil war. So while neither are actual westerns, they both tend to fit the genre stylistically speaking. Hopefully we might see some more similarities when DU is actually released. Does this kind of explain it?

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