Rachel McAdams may not appear in Sherlock Holmes 2

“We’ll see,” she says

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes 2 is currently shooting, but Rachel McAdams is still not sure if she’ll be returning for the action sequel.

Talking with MTV this week, she revealed that the follow-up is still “in the process. They’re still doing script work, and we’ll see.”

The actress, who played Irene Adler in the first period detective film, went on to add that even if she appears in the movie, she won’t be getting much screen time.

“If I do, it won’t be a very big thing,” she said. As opposed to the first film, where her character barely had room to breathe wedged in-between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s snippy banter.

Does this mean the Holmes 2 script is still being stitched together on set, much in the same way that Downey Jr.’s work on the Iron Man films consisted of last minute judgement calls?

Sherlock Holmes 2 is suddenly sounding very shaky indeed…

Does Holmes 2 need McAdams? Tell us your thoughts below...


    • ChrisWootton

      Nov 11th 2010, 9:04

      I thought the first one was terrible.. and she was barely in that. In fact, I'd say she appeared more in the trailer than the film

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    • kimsala

      Nov 11th 2010, 11:03

      I liked the first, but could really not be fussed whether she's in it or not.

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    • marc96

      Nov 13th 2010, 17:32

      i was actually looking forward to seeing her in the sequel, i think those 3 were very good together (and i normally cant stand jude law).... lets face it the guy cant act but i found the first film to be fun, mainly because you could see that the cast was just having fun. I cant understand how someone can criticise her acting ability though

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