Rachel Weisz as Catwoman?

Yes, it’s Batman 3 rumour time again

According to one rumour site, not only is Chris Nolan definitely returning to direct a third Batman film, but Rachel Weisz is the top choice to play Catwoman.

Naturally, nothing official has been announced by Warners, but while we can see Nolan agreeing to return once he finds a story/theme concept he likes, a total of zero official casting decisions have been made for any new Batman outing.

E! Online remarks that Christian Bale will be back, this time “playing a ‘sexier’ Bruce Wayne. This is heaven-sent news, as, let's face it, Bale couldn't have looked any more constipated in that last flick. Funny, but given that Wayne is now on the run from the law, we doubt there’ll be a load of time for sexy.


As for Weisz, well, she’s a solid actress, but whether she’d even be interested is another matter. And yes, while the idea of working with Nolan is an attractive one for actors, it’s all too spurious right now to even make us think it might happen.

But one thing’s for sure: they should leave the Joker alone. No one needs to try and slap on the make-up.

[Source: E! Online]

So, Batfans: Weisz as Catwoman? Good choice or hairbrained idea? You pick!



    • NickyC

      Dec 16th 2008, 9:32

      I point-blankly refuse to believe any of this until Chris Nolan says whether or not he wants to do it, or until Warners confirm that he doesn't. The last rumour was Cher, for crying out loud! Also, I think that Catwoman would be a bad choice for the next one, and that they should have Bane instead.

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    • niannah

      Dec 16th 2008, 10:05

      Re the Joker, I think he could come back somehow. Personally I vote for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role - he's got the acting ability, and he does look similar to Heath Ledger, especially under the prosthetics and make up... The Joker did say "I think you and I are destined to do this forever." As for Catwoman rumours, I also heard Angelina Jolie. We'll wait and see.

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    • NachoMan316

      Dec 16th 2008, 10:38

      I think Angelina Jolie's too big a star for nolans batman weisz could be a good call she has something about her that i think would fit the role of catwoman especially in nolans bat-universe....i vote for starting the bring back harvey dent petition lol(wishful thinking).....Nobody should do the joker again ledger was fantastic and in my opinion untouchable.

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    • Lindz28

      Dec 16th 2008, 10:42

      Yes give Bale a PROPER female lead to spar with, not that horrible underwritten dull as ditchwater whiny b***h from the first two.

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    • poppyred

      Dec 16th 2008, 10:48

      "Bale couldn't have looked any more constipated in that last flick." Even before I read your name, from that remark alone I could tell straight away you weren't female.

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    • magnusbarfod

      Dec 16th 2008, 13:46

      jolie would suck as catwoman, she's too recognizable a "star" and would detract from the mood nolan's worked so hard to create in the previous films; it would be dangerous stunt casting that could throw the whole franchise off-course. And as for the "Weisz, well, she’s a solid actress" comment...jesus. she's a goddess. so there.

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    • TheJoker

      Dec 16th 2008, 20:04

      leave the joker out of it, he's done. Not catwoman she wouldnt fit with nolans vision.

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    • TheHill14

      Dec 17th 2008, 19:00

      Talia Al Ghul should make an appearance, a Bruce Wayne love interest with an edge. And, The Riddler would be my other villain, but he needs a lot of thought. In Nolan's gritty modern vision I can see the character turning into the killer from the Saw franchise....

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