Rachel Weisz is Oz The Great And Powerful’s evil witch

She’ll play Evanora

rachel weisz

Rachel Weisz is currently in talks to play evil witch Evanora in Sam Raimi’s Oz, The Great And Powerful.

The prequel to 1939’s much-loved The Wizard Of Oz already has James Franco signed as a travelling snake oil salesman who is swept into Oz. There, he becomes the famous Wizard.

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis will play Theodora, Evanora’s sister. She's a good witch who Evanora turns evil when Theodora is rejected by the Wizard. Together they attempt to take over Oz.

The third witch-y sister, Glinda, is still yet to be cast, though a (rather preposterous) shortlist apparently includes Olivia Wilde, Amy Adams, Kate Beckinsale, Keira Knightley and Rebecca Hall.

Weisz is an interesting choice for Evanora, having split her time between sumptuous films with gorgeous visuals (The Fountain, Constantine) and grittier, dramatic fare (The Constant Gardener).

Oz should give her a chance to ham it up a bit - something she's clearly craving, her post-The Mummy career having remained mostly ham-free.

Wicked? Think Weisz will make a great evil witch? Tell us your thoughts below...


    • SiMan

      May 4th 2011, 14:21

      Seriously, can someone please explain this to me. I've never read the books so apologies if this is a stupid question, but wasn't it all a dream??? Isn't that why everyone she knew was in Oz as other personas? She got hit on the head and went a bit mental. HOw can there be a prequel.

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    • autumn

      May 9th 2011, 14:22

      I haven't read the books either, but there are a total of 40 books in what is considered the "classic original series", 14 of which were written by Baum, and I'm pretty sure that Dorothy is only in some, not all of them. So it would seem that in the books Oz exists outside of Dorothy's dream/imagination. I don't know though whether the fact that Oz exists in books that Dorothy's not in even though Dorothy dreams Oz, is down to the authors' artistic license, or whether it is all part of a big scheme that was in Baum's mind.

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