Rainn Wilson is Super

With Ellen Page and Liv Tyler in a superhero satire

Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler have signed on to the lead roles in James Gunn's new film, Super.

Gunn, who has been pumping out PG-Porn spoofs online and last hit cinemas with horror comedy Slither has brewed up the tale of an ordinary bloke (Wilson) who reinvents himself as a hero called The Crimson Bolt when his wife (Tyler) succumbs to a drug addiction.

But though he dresses the part, he doesn't have any powers - so resorts to using a wench as a weapon.

It's all set to kick off in December, and having enjoyed Slither, we're interested to see what the former Troma writer has to say about superheroes…

[Source: Variety]

Glad to see Gunn back? Is Rainn wilson a good choice for a superhero? Tell us!

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