Red band Get Him To The Greek trailer

The air turns blue in red Russell teaser...


We suspect that there’s no other way to watch Jonah Hill and Russell Brand than in an expletive-riddled red band video.

Putting a green leash on them - as happened with the earlier trailer for their transatlantic jaunt Get Him To The Greek - is like neutering your prize mule. Or cutting your nose off to spite your face. Or something.

So we’re ecstatic that a new, filthy, flea-bitten (sort of), foul-mouthed trailer for Get Him To The Greek has been released online. The green peek was okay, but this is the one that really gets the party going.

“I got six fucking kids!” rages P-Diddy. “You know how many pairs of Air Jordan six kids wear?!”

Apart from a few expletives, what else do we get from this new trailer? Well, a lot! Jonah Hill having sex in a toilet, then having a dildo slapped in his face, then secreting a package in a very intimate place at an airport....

If that sounds like your idea of fun, why are you reading this?! Get down there, click play on that video and get giggling...


Pitched as a dirty-minded Midnight Run, Get Him To The Greek stars Russell Brand as out-there rocker Aldous Snow (a part he previously played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Jonah Hill’s record company assistant has to get him to fly from London to LA.

It’s a tough job, and one made tougher by the fact that all Snow’s interesting in is partying. Oh it’s a hard life being a rocker. The film opens here on 25 June, 2010.

Seeing red? And liking it?

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    • Elenwen

      Mar 23rd 2010, 15:09

      Great trailer!! Just thought you should know, though, it wouldn't matter if you neutered your prize mule. Mules are sterile.

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 24th 2010, 3:39

      Much better trailer.

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    • stephanie04

      Jun 2nd 2010, 10:06

      it's naughtier than i thought.. but i love it my friends and i wouldn't surely miss this movie, i thought they were kidding to say this is the funniest movie trailer with P. Diddy marking the date June 4!

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