Reshoots for Jonah Hex

More filming for Josh Brolin's supernatural Western


It seems that comic-book adap Jonah Hex is heading for reshoots early next year - with its director being overseen by a 'consultant' during the process. Are those alarm bells we're hearing?

This is Jimmy Hayward's first project after helming Horton Hears a Who and, according to Bloodydisgusting, I Am Legend's Francis Lawrence has been brought in to give the guy some back-up.

Is this all hands to the pumps to save a movie with problems, or just a perfectly understandable attempt to make an already decent film a little better, given that it's not slated for release until June?

Jonah Hex stars Brolin as an ex-Civil War officer-turned-bounty hunter with a hideously scarred face who finds himself trying to stop John Malkovich's voodoo-wielding bad guy from raising an army of undead soldiers.

Lawrence already has experience working with zombified hordes after wrangling the Infected in I Am Legend, so if the voodoo hoodoo comes to fruition in Hex, expect the soldiers to run stupidly fast and headbutt everything in sight.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hex hit screens, or are you a little worried by this announcement? Let us know below...


    • joker16

      Dec 10th 2009, 19:44

      Too bad Brolin had to go and trash his career with this.

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 11th 2009, 3:58

      Nothing to worry about I am sure there just trying to polish and improve the movie.

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    • MadMatt

      Dec 12th 2009, 17:00

      After Peter Jackson's 'pickups' on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy turned out so well, I think it's time we stopped automatically thinking of additional shooting as a bad thing. Perhaps, again like Jackson (on King Kong), Hayward is exhausted and Lawrence is just there as back up in case he needs a break.

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