Ridley Scott lines up Gertrude Bell biopic

Gets Goldeneye screenwriter

Ridley Scott has announced plans to adapt the story of the life of Gertrude Bell, famous ninteenth century writer, archeologist and political officer.

And to show how serious he is, he's locked in The Constant Gardener screenwriter Jeffrey Caine to pen the screenplay.

Bell, a British confidant. was hugely influential on policy makers at the time, and helped establish what is now modern day Jordan and Iraq. So she's a bit of a big deal.

And despite Ridley having his finger in enough pies right now - and shooting for Prometheus underway - the man seems intent on getting the wheels turning as soon as possible.

Oddly though, he's not the only one. Only last month, Werner Herzog announced that he was also interested in adapting Bell's story, for a film titled Queen of the Desert. And he'd attached Naomi Watts to star.

Personally, we'd like to see the pair team-up. They could certainly forge an interesting film, and keep Ridley distracted from that Monopoly movie...

What do you think? A good next move for Ridley? Could we handle two Gertrude Bell movies? We want to hear from you below.


    • jackil

      Jul 16th 2011, 16:17

      Have had my own Gertrude Bell movie planned for over two years. Been in talks with Shekhar Kapur in directing. Watch IMDB for ,”The Desert Queen” the story of Gertrude Bell. A epic motion picture with a large budget and cast to match. Written and produced by Jeffrey P.Ackil.

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