Rise of the Planet of the Apes gets a logo and a clip

Get a look at Weta Digital's latest work

Rise of the Planet of the Apes has only just been given a new title (it was previously simply Rise of the Apes), and now a logo and short clip have gone online.

The official website has revealed the new logo, which features one of the apes (Andy Serkis' Caesar, perhaps?) beneath the familiar font of the lettering.

With the new title and logo, it seems that Fox are keen to link this with previous Apes entries.

The moody footage is a mere 5 seconds long, but it does showcase an extremely impressive digital rendering job from the guys at Weta, Peter Jackson's New Zealand-based FX company.

The fur and lighting are very impressive, but it's the subtle eye movement that really sells this one.

Check it out for yourself here:


Now we know that the VFX will at least be top drawer, but we still haven't had any indicators of how the film itself is likely to fare.

A teaser trailer is expected to land this week, which is probably a good thing considering the movie is set to be released this summer.


Liking the look of Rise? Or will you be skipping this one? Let us know what you make of the clip below...


    • sp4cej0ckey

      Apr 13th 2011, 14:45

      hardly a groundbreaking fx teaser is it?...........just looks like a guy in a rubber mask to me. i wanna see realistic facial movement before i get too impressed...not a 4 second near-static shot :/

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