Ritchie up for Holmes 2

Leaves Lobo in production hell...


A couple of weeks back, Robert Downey Jr departed Cowboys & Aliens, presumably because he knew a Holmes 2 was tumbling toward him from the horizon.

Well, now Guy Ritchie has also departed a pre-existing project, seemingly in favour of further Holmes adventures.

Ritchie was originally linked to an adaptation of DC Comics’ Lobo, which sounded like a disaster in the making if you believed Latino Review’s script peek last May.

But Joel Silver spoke to LA Times’ Hero Complex blog, who confirmed that Warner Bros already have “some ideas and some good story points” for a second Holmes and are talking with Ritchie about getting a sequel into production ASAP.

We expect he'll board the project pretty sharpish, considering the money made on the first, and the obvious rolicking good time they all had making it.

What’s happened to Lobo?

“It was created as a rebuttal to the Marvel characters and his vest said ‘Bite me fanboy’”, says Silver. “It was very much a response to Wolverine and Punisher and the other characters and I think now that makes it fresh [for moviegoers].

“We’re working on it now and it will be nice to put it together and make it happen.”

Lobo’s in limbo for a while then.

But which would you prefer? Lobo or Holmes 2?


    • markrobertson

      Jan 27th 2010, 13:42

      Lobo - but only if the source material was given the respect and brutality it deserves - 18s only.

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    • reviwer

      Jan 28th 2010, 13:02

      umm..... no contest definatley Holmes 2. http://ultimatereviews.co.uk/?p=346 http://ultimatereviews.co.uk/?p=170

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    • mpischak

      Jan 28th 2010, 13:11

      Holmes 2 There is still a lot of material that can be used for several sequels! Not to mention the potential for one of the greatest villains in the history of literature: Professor Moriarty, Holmes's arch nemesis. A shoe-in for the next films's villain.

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    • CheekyM

      Jan 28th 2010, 17:47

      Defo homes2 and I don't sell coats or jackets wholesale

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