Robert De Niro stars in new trailer for The Big Wedding

“I hardly recognised you…”

The craze for wedding movies continues apace with The Big Wedding, a new comedy starring Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro and Susan Sarandon. And the first trailer for the film has just been released online.

To say it’s romcom by numbers would be something of an understatement, this looking like a cross between Father Of The Bride and Something’s Gotta Give.

Keaton and De Niro star as divorcees who have to pretend they’re still married in order to impress their son’s soon-to-be mother-in-law. Yeah, you get the gist.

Check out the trailer below…

While the women all attempt to rip out each other’s throats, De Niro coasts through the entire trailer looking sublimely bemused.

“Would somebody please just punch me in the face again?” he entreats at the trailer’s close. We’re guessing a few audience members will feel the same after the film.

The Big Wedding opens on 9 November 2012.

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    • FBSDeMorgan

      Aug 1st 2012, 16:12

      So, it's a RomCom without the Com and, apparently, the Rom. So basically it doesn't exist. Oh thank God, I thought I was dreaming. That looks abhorrent.

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    • joker16

      Aug 1st 2012, 16:39

      R.I.P Robert De Niro (1943 - 2007).

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 1st 2012, 19:37

      What was the actual last good film DeNiro made ? Heat and Copland are probably his last truely great movies.

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    • joker16

      Aug 2nd 2012, 1:32

      @Ali The Good Shepherd

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    • omgitsgray

      Aug 2nd 2012, 6:32

      I found this article a little while ago which has something of a foreword on De Niro which kind of emulates my own feelings too.. have a read, it's well funny.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 2nd 2012, 15:26

      Joker - Good movie but horrible pacing and length.

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